Monday , September 24th 2018
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What to Look for When Buying a Traditional Laptop

Over the past few years, people are showing more attraction towards laptops, as they give them great flexibility for usage when compared to fixed desktop systems. These lightweight and portable units can be carried to any location. With so many choices available, buyers often have difficulty in choosing the right laptop. As the market is loaded with lots of brands and unique specifications, it is good to make a thorough analysis of the features before you buy. Computer 24×7 offers you best laptops with budget-friendly deals. Go through the details below and place an order for your favorite laptop with fast home delivery.

What to look for while buying a traditional laptop?

Hard Drives and Memory:

An essential feature of a laptop is its hard drive. Most of the laptops are manufactured with the HDD ranging between 500GB and 2TB to help you store lots of videos, movies and office files. Acer Aspire 15.6” laptop is loaded with 1TB HDD. Never forget to check the capacity of RAM, HP Pavilion offers 8GB DDR3 RAM, which will be more than enough for most of your applications.

Processor Speed:

You can find latest laptops loaded with high-speed multi-core processors but the cost of the system varies with the type of processor. You may also find the low voltage processors in a few notebooks, that offer long battery life, but most of the traditional laptops are loaded with standard processors. You will have a choice of AMD and Intel processors. Samsung Notebook 9 is loaded with Intel Core i7 processor whereas Acer Aspire has AMD a9-9410 processor.

Weight and Screen Size Matters:

We buy laptops because we want to stay connected to our work on the go, but if they are too heavy, then they will be an inconvenience to routine users. That is why weight is considered as an essential parameter for choosing your laptop. Note that lightweight computers can be more expensive, but they ensure great flexibility. Dell Chromebook is a lightweight solution with its 11.6-inch screen size. The Acer Aspire E5-575-33BM is designed with 2.39KG system weight. You can also find laptops with a small screen size like 8” or 9”, but in general, at least 11” is necessary to ensure easy document processing.

Screen Resolution:

This feature will help you to adjust the content on your laptop screen, to ensure most the adequate display. The most optimized screen resolution is 1024×768. That works fine with most of the websites, but for widescreen laptops, you may also find a 1280×800 resolution range. The latest laptop Lenovo ThinkPad offers the Anti-Glare HD screen with a 1366×768 resolution.

Graphics Cards:

If you are a frequent video user or gamer, you may need to check the graphics card of your new laptop. Most of the brands these days are manufacturing laptops with incredible graphics support so that users can enjoy stunning streaming results.

Once you’ve decided what specs you need for your laptop, you can place an order at best prices and fast home delivery at Computer 24×7.