Tuesday , August 21st 2018
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Mini Computer Recommendations

Mini Computers are the best options for most students and people with limited space. No one wants to give huge space to traditional PCs on their limited workspaces or small desks, in such cases, mini PCs are the best choice for buyers. Now, you can get rid of the huge towers without compromising on features, because the mini PCs are loaded with amazing specifications. Computer 24×7 offers great deals for all the latest Mini Computers; you can place an order for any of major brands or even some of the lesser known units.

Mini Computers are compact in size, but still they have lots of power to handle your routine tasks. Below, are some of the factors to consider, when making your purchase.


The first thing that you need to decide is whether you need a system HDD or want RAM installed. It will completely depend upon your usage but in most of the cases, people prefer to buy without HDDs. Mini PC ACEPC T11 is one of the top rated choices for buyers.

Essential Peripherals:

When buying a Mini Computer, it is also important to look for a good quality keyboard, mouse, and an external display. Note that they are not included in your Mini Computer Package so you may need to use the old ones from your traditional PC or  to buy a whole new set to have at your workstation. It is good to buy a system that offers HDMI compatibility whereas the keyboard and mouse can be connected via USB cable.

Check Specs:

Note that it is not possible to upgrade all components of Mini PCs, so it is essential to check all specifications thoroughly before making the final purchase. However, you can change to new Hard Disks and RAM but you will want to buy the best chipset while making a new purchase. Also, these systems work with laptop type RAM so you cannot use the RAM available for your old PC. Bomix W8 Wintel Mini PC is loaded with all essential features.

Hard Drives:

There are two types of hard drive options available for Mini Computers. They can have 2.5” SDD or HDD and M.2 flash storage. The M.2 Flash storage option is quite useful as it creates a buffer of the limited RAM so that users can enjoy huge storage space.


How can we forget to mention details about processor of a Mini Computer? Most of these systems work with AMD processors and you can ensure high-quality graphics support for your streaming needs. Compare the processors and graphics of different Mini PCs to choose the best one.

Not for gamers:

Although these Mini PCs offer great graphics, they are not suitable for professional gamers. Their usage is limited to entertainment purpose as they do not have a separate Graphic Card. Z83-II Mini PC offers great video viewing capabilities but it is not good for professional gamers.


Size of Mini PC’s matter a lot, but it is even more important to pick the most comfortable viewing screen so that you can work without feeling stress on your eyes. Minix NEO is a great choice for compact system needs.